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  • Memorial stone at the point of Saltverkneset at Svanøy

    "The youths from Sunnfjord will some time in the 20th century spend time and efforts in erecting a stone by the shores of Svanøy in memory of Hans Nielsen Hauge and his friend, Ole Torjussen Svanøe." This Alhed Schou wrote in 1912 in the book "Svanøen i Søndfjord", and in 1954, a memorial was erected, but not quite by the youths of Sunnfjord.

  • Beitelen

    Beitelen is one of the most famous landmarks in the Nærøyfjorden World Heritage area. The characteristic mountain top offers an excellent view of the fjord system.

  • Memorial stone for the brothers Asbjørn and Vemund Melvær

    Magnus and Marie Melvær lost their two sons during the war 1940-1945. Asbjørn, born 1908, died in captivity in Germany. Vemund, born 1922, was lost during an air mission over the North Sea. In 1947, a memorial stone was erected in their honour at their childhood farm of Melvær.

  • Millennium stone at Holsen

    At the turn of the millennium 1900-2000millennium stoneswere erected in many places. At Holsen a stone was put up on the millennium spot in the district, in a public area below the church near the lake.

  • The Wergeland monument at Verkland

    "Forget not, you are dust! Forget not, you are more than dust!" With these words from Henrik Wergeland Dagne Groven Myhren unveiled the new memorial stone for the poet and the family farm of Verkland. A beautiful and well-shaped natural stone appeared before the eyes of about 200 persons who had turned up for the ceremony. The day was Saturday 12 July 1975.

  • The Stabben lighthouse

    In 1866/87, a sturdy lighthouse with a solid reinforced stone and mortar foundation was built on a slippery, rounded-off skerry in the middle of the shipping lane.

  • Memorial stone for Andrias Bryn at Gudvangen

    Close to the main road at Gudvangen there is a memorial stone commemorating the seaman Andrias Bryn, born 1918. He went to sea before the Second World War broke out in 1939 and he lost his life in an explosion disaster in the harbour of Algér in July 1943. The people of the valley of Nærøydalen erected the memorial stone in 1946.

  • School districts and school buildings in Aurland

    Aurland is a municipality with many fjords and mountains. The road to school was often long for the pupils, and during the winter months it could also be dangerous. For this reason, many school districts were established with ambulant teachers and shorter distances to school for the children.

  • "Springar" from Solund

    A variant of the traditional folk dance "springdans" is the Solund "springar". This dance, and fiddle music written down after fiddle players in western Solund, is very popular when Vidar Underseth from Solund performs at national competitions, or at events abroad.

  • War memorial at Florølandet

    Only in the spring of 1942 did the major influx of German soldiers start at Florølandet. At the same time, an extensive construction of fortifications was started as well. In the course of three years until peace came in May 1945, the Germans turned Florølandet into a fortress.

  • The Kinna church

    The Kinna church is built in stone, probably some time in the 12th century. It is the oldest and the only one of its kind in the region of Sunnfjord, and it is one of the most impressive medieval monuments in the west of Norway. It was the main church in the parish of Kinn until 1882, when a new church was built in the newly founded city of Florø.

  • Road between Villevika in Flora and Midtgulen in Bremanger

    The farms on the mainland between Florø and Midtgulen had to wait for a long time before they got any road. Up until 1993, people in this area did not have any road connection to their own municipal centres or to the main road network. Communication by boat was the only alternative. This road was built bit by bit, and the final part of the road was completed in 1993.

  • Davik church

    Davik church is a wooden longchurch located in the village of Davik in the municipality of Bremanger. The church, with a seating capacity of 500, was consecrated on 6 July, 1886, by the bishop Fredrik Waldemar Hvoslef. The architect Georg Andreas Bull made the designs. Davik church is a "sokn" church for Davik "sokn" in the parish of Davik.

  • Nordstranda "bedehus" chapel at Stadlandet

    In 2003, the Nordstranda "bedehus" chapel at Stadlandet could celebrate its centenary. This chapel has throughout the years been well known and much used. In the church magazine "Kyrkjenytt for Ervik, Leikanger og Selje" # 3/2003, there was an article on the chapel over the years. This article is practically the same as the one in the church magazine, but with minor editorial changes.

  • Leikanger church

    Leikanger church is a wooden longchurch located in the village of Leikanger on the eastern side of Stadtlandet in the municipality of Selje. The church has a seating capacity of 400, and was consecrated on 28 October, 1866. It was built by using the material from the old Selje church which was torn down the same year. The architect in charge of the rebuilding in 1895 was Lars Sølvberg. As of 1 January, 1997, Leikanger church is the "sokn" church for the Leikanger "sokn" in the Selje parish.