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  • Sogn og Fjordane central county hospital

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    • Førde
  • Florø Hospital

    The first county hospital in Sogn og Fjordane was completed in Florø in 1933. It was based on the old Red Cross Hospital from 1926, which again was established from a hospital for fishermen from 1865. The whole town of Florø has fought hard to keep the hospital. In this way, the hospital has strengthened Florø's identity. In 1995, the hospital became a department under the Central County Hospital in Førde.

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    • Flora
  • Askvoll nursing home

    At Ask in Askvoll municipality, the county of Sogn og Fjordane for more than 40 years provided a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. Tuberculosis was the great scourge during the first half of the 20th century, and a number of homes and sanatoriums were built, where the afflicted patients were given care and treatment. Only after the First World War were effective medicines developed, and the number of tuberculosis cases fell drastically.

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    • Askvoll