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  • Conglomerate for nuisance, benefit, and decoration

    The glacier did not reach out to the westernmost islands of Solund. In return, it left a rich collection of conglomerate stone eastward on the islands, an inconvenience and a benefit to those who settled there.

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    • Solund
  • The big "river theft" in the valley of Nærøydalen

    The river of Nærøydalselvi has not always been as big as it is today. Throughout the last few ice ages it has stolen many tributary rivers which previously ran westward in the direction of Voss. On the map we can find the oldest water divide between Sogn and Voss in the mountains above Bakka in the Nærøyfjord. Now it has moved all the way to Haugsvik at the eastern end of the lake Oppheimsvatnet. The traces of this "theft" are still clearly visible in the terrain, especially in the municipality of Voss.

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    • Aurland
  • The Kannestein rock -a unique rock formation

    The Kannestein rock is a unique rock formation in the bay of Kvalheimsvika on the island of Vågsøy. The eclogite rock is located on the farm of Nord-Oppedal and is definitely one of the major tourist attractions in this area.

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    • Vågsøy