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Boat (2)

  • The Bakkejekta sloop

    To commemorate a time when all transport of goods between the Dalsfjorden and Bergen went by sea on vessels powered by the wind, the Bakkejekta sloop is placed at the coastal museum of Kystmuseet in Florø.

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    • Askvoll
  • "Knut" and two other six-oared boats

    The "Sunnfjord boat" used to be the common boat type in the Sunnfjord area, but already 150 years ago, it was beginning to lose ground to a modified version of the "Nordfjord boat". The coastal society "Over stokk og stein" (literally: stumbling forward) at Bremanger today owns one of the few original Sunnfjord boats still afloat.

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    • Bremanger