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  • Water level marks in Solund

    Along the entire Norwegian coast, so-called water level marks were chopped into the rock in the 19th century. 123 such marks are known today, and two of them are in Solund.

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    • Solund
  • Memorial commemorating shipwreck at Vågsøy 1931

    In December 1931, the Panama-registered wessel "Venus" was wrecked off Vågsøy. Only two out of a crew of 13 were rescued. Nine men hailed from Shetland. There is a memorial for them at Vågsvåg and a cross on a grave at Måløy.

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    • Vågsøy
  • Mate from Florø - on a memorial plaque in Bergen

    During the First World War from 1914 to 1918, more than 2000 Norwegian seamen lost their lives at sea. Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab (BDS - The Bergen Steamship Company) lost 35 of its seamen on six ships. Second mate Carl B. Lyngnæs from Florø was one of them. During the Second World War, 136 persons emplyed by the BDS lost their lives because of war actions. A few years after the war, the company mounted memorial plaques.

  • Plaque commemorating the missionary Hans Schreuder at Kjørnes

    The missionary Hans Schreuder - the apostle of the Zulu people - was born in Sogndal. In 1992, mission friends erected a memorial stone in his honour. At the same time a commemorative plaque was placed on the wall of the house where he was born.

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    • Sogndal
  • Memorials for war airmen at Askvoll

    On Midsummer Eve, 23 June 1943, an Allied airplane crashed on the shore near the home of Chester Saltskår at the point of Stavenes. The two Norwegian airmen were killed, and were buried at the church at Askvoll. After the war, a memorial stone was erected on their graves, and in 1993, a memorial plaque was set up at Stavenes. Memorial plaques commemorating two British airmen who were shot down near Stavenes in 1944, have also been set up.

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    • Askvoll
  • Memorial stone for British war graves at Eivindvik

    On the churchyard at Eivindvik there is a small low stone with a text plaque. It was raised in remembrance of 16 British naval soldiers who lost their lives in December 1917. Their ship was sunk by a German submarine.

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    • Gulen