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  • The Loftesnes bridge in Sogndal

    The Loftesnes bridge was the first bridge and road project in the county to be financed by toll money. The bridge was completed in 1958. In a 20-year period before 1958, a small shuttle ferry had crossed the narrow strait of Loftesnessundet, and further back in time, a ferryman had rowed people and cattle across. The bridge was an important step forward in the land-based communication in the central and inner parts of Sogn, at the same time as it made the connection to eastern Norway much easier.

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    • Sogndal
  • The Solund shipping lanes - communication arteries between north and south

    Many a travelling sailor at the helm has wished that the Solund sea-lanes were much shorter. A good thing, then, that the islands were blessed with good harbours, where people could rest, or wait for fair wind.

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    • Solund