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  • School districts and school buildings in Aurland

    Aurland is a municipality with many fjords and mountains. The road to school was often long for the pupils, and during the winter months it could also be dangerous. For this reason, many school districts were established with ambulant teachers and shorter distances to school for the children.

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    • Aurland
  • The agricultural school at Mo

    The farm Mo became an agricultural school in 1858, and it is now the second oldest agricultural school in the country still in operation. The farm is one of the largest in the county, having about 125 acres of cultivated land and 750 acres of forest.

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    • Førde
  • The school at Svanøy

    The Svanøy school is located in the centre of the island. There are two buildings, the old school from 1874, and a new, modern building from 1982, with an addition from 1991. The school is a meeting-place for everybody on the island, children aged 1 to 13, as well as grown-ups.

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    • Flora
  • Exciting history in a closed-down school building

    The closed-down school building at Holevik at Staveneset has been changed into a museum where the main theme is World War II.

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    • Askvoll