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Painting (2)

  • The altarpiece in Førde church

    Quite a few people have become interested in the altarpiece in Førde church once they have seen it. It is unique, rich in motif, fine in the carving, and for its age with a well-preserved decoration. The altarpiece, which is from 1643, was donated to the church by the vicar Peder J. Finde and his wife, Barbara Nitter.

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    • Førde
  • The scenes in the village hall Bygdetun

    When the old Bygdetun village hall was opened at Bryggja in 1935, people could also admire the beautiful scenes painted by the Nordfjord artist Erling Solheim. When the new Bygdetun was opened in 1996, these scenes were put on display in a showcase. Erling Solheim was born at Bryggja in 1911 and died in 1973. His paintings and drawings can be found in many Nordfjord homes.

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    • Vågsøy