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  • Firda - the local newspaper for the whole county

    The newspaper Firda is today by far the biggest newspaper in the county, and the only daily. The circulation in 2000 was 14,628. The newspaper covers Sunnfjord, the western part of Sogn, and parts of Nordfjord, but its ambition is to become a newspaper for the whole county.

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    • Førde
  • Sogns Tidend - local newspaper 1877-1947

    The local newspaper 'Sogns Tidend' was published in the years between 1877 and 1947 - the first few decades in Lærdal, but from 1903 in Sogndal. During the Lærdal period, there were a number of editors, whereas one man, Jens Kvåle, was editor practically the whole time in Sogndal. Sogns Tidend was always a typical liberal newspaper. In 1947, the paper was bought by the local paper 'Sogn og Fjordane' and became incorporated in the latter.

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    • Sogndal
  • The newspaper Firdaposten

    Firdaposten issued two papers in 1948, and this is then the year the paper was established. During the first few years, the paper was published twice weekly. From the very beginning, the paper was an organ for the Norwegian Labour Party in the Fjordane region. The first editor of the paper was Guttorm Hansen, later to become President of the Storting (the Norwegian Parliament).

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    • Flora