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  • The Inner Sogn Automobile Company 1916-1933 - Car services in the inner Sogn area

    In 1916, the first company was established for car services in the municipalities of Sogndal, Hafslo, Luster and Jostedalen. At first the car services were intended for tourists. For most people transport by horse and cart was still the order of the day. Carrying out a regular automobile service on narrow cart roads was by no means an easy undertaking with the spring thaw and the many unploughed roads in winter. It took time before the "bus" became a real transportation alternative in the local communities.

  • Firda Billag

    Firda Billag is the biggest automobile company in the county of Sogn og Fjordane. It is owned by 13 municipalities and has its headquarters in Førde. The company transports daily more than 6100 passengers, inside and outside the county, and has a large and varied goods traffic service.

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