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Sea house (2)

  • The salteries - sea houses moved from the trading posts

    A large number of houses from the westernmost parts of Solund have been on the move. Still, none have been more exposed and have tasted more of the ocean salt than the salteries themselves.

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    • Solund
  • The sea warehouse foundation walls on the islands in Flora

    In connection with the rich herring fisheries in the Kinn parish in the 19th century, hundreds of fish salteries were built to process the enormous quantities of herring. For the most part, big and solid foundation walls were built for all the fish salteries and sea warehouses. These foundation walls were mostly built on the islands of Batalden, Kinn, Nærøyane, Reksta and Skorpa, in the westernmost part of the Flora municipality. Most of these walls still stand as a memorial to the rich herring fisheries.

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