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  • The composer Johannes Haarklou

    Johannes Haarklou (1847 - 1925) won for himself a prominent position in Norwegian music in the period 1880 - 1925. He was a composer, a music review writer, an organist, and a conductor. Yet he was overshadowed by his great contemporaries, Grieg, Svendsen, and Sinding. Too many of his works have been forgotten in the archives.

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    • Førde
  • Anna Karina Stang

    Anna Stang (1899-1996) is a fine representative of the singing tradition in the western Sunnfjord district. Her repertoire was varied and comprised different types of folksongs and religious songs.

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    • Askvoll
  • Paul Berstad - local singer and folk-tune collector

    Paul Berstad (1908-1993) was an excellent local singer, and, in addition, he was an important source for the folk-tune tradition in the western part of Nordfjord.

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    • Selje
  • "Springar" from Solund

    A variant of the traditional folk dance "springdans" is the Solund "springar". This dance, and fiddle music written down after fiddle players in western Solund, is very popular when Vidar Underseth from Solund performs at national competitions, or at events abroad.

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    • Solund
  • Alfred Maurstad - from Tuftene in the hamlet of Maurstadgrenda

    The actor Alfred Maurstad (1896-1967) was born and grew up at Bryggja in the western part of Nordfjord. The home of his childhood was the smallholding called Tuftene, located in the sloping terrain down to the bay of Maurstadvika. The house is privately owned and is not open to the public. Arthur Klæboe paid a visit to Tuftene in 1966 to record a radio interview with Maurstad.

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    • Vågsøy