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Published 13. October 2006

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Memorial stone for Edvin Færøy

Edvin Færøy lost his life in action in Valdres on 20 April 1940. He was first buried in Valdres but was later moved home and buried on the churchyard at Rutledal. The villagers erected a memorial stone on his grave.

The memorial stone on Edvin Færøy's grave on the old graveyard at Rutledal.

The memorial stone on Edvin Færøy's grave on the old graveyard at Rutledal.

Owner: Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane.

Date: 2006.

Photographer: Fotograf Hermund Kleppa.

Biography inVåre falne

"FÆRØY, EDVIN, farm worker, Gulen. Born 30 July 1917 in Gulen, son of Andrias Færøy and Johanne, née Juvik. Worked as a farm worker and fisherman. Fell in action in Valdres on 20 April 1940. Buried on Rutle churchyard in Gulen."

On the old graveyard

Rutledal has two graveyards. The old one is located on the north side of the road west to Dingja, about one kilometre from Rutledal, close to the farm road down to Rutle. After the new graveyard was taken into use, the old graveyard has been used for special occasions. From the main road there is a grass-covered road leading up to the walled-in graveyard. Mugo pine, mountain ash and birch trees line the gravesite on three sides. To the north there is an open view to the fjord. Edvin Færøy's grave is easy to see as soon as you enter the graveyard as there is a big memorial stone on his grave.

The memorial stone

"This stone has been erected by the villagers in deep gratitude" is the inscription at the back of the memorial stone. The stone is close to three metres high, and the sides at the bottom measure 70 by 28 centimetres. At the front the name Edvin Færøy is inscribed, when he was born and died. "You gave everything for * the mother country * Peace be with your memory

On other memorial stones

Edvin Færøy's name is also inscribed on two other memorial stones, one at Gulen church at Eivindvik, and one at Bømoen at Voss. The memorial stone at Eivindvik was unveiled on 3 August 1947. The monument for war victims from Infantry Regiment 10 at Bømoen has 55 names. Edvin Færøy was one of the 25 war victims from the county of Sogn og Fjordane. The monument was unveiled on 15 August 1948.

Fell in Valdres< br /> In the days following the German attack on Norway on 9 April 1940, people belonging to Infantry Regiment 10 met at the mustering place at Voss. From 17 April about 1000 men were transferred to eastern Norway. Their primary mission was to strengthen the defence of Valdres. Edvin Færøy and Konrad Byrknes from Gulen fell on 20 April in action in the battle at Bagn 19-23 April.



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